About Me


Hello & Welcome! My name is Kristen and I hate talking about myself so I will keep this short for now.

I have been cooking since I was ten years old.  I love it so much that I once almost became a professional chef but because of the cost I decided to keep it as a hobby I loved.  I have been told time and time again by friends and family that I cook well, and for the most part I believed them. But it wasn’t until a recent experience cooking for strangers for a few months in another country that I started to have real confidence in my cooking abilities.

I love making everything from cakes and breads to Christmas dinner! I also enjoy cooking food from all around the world.  I have made curry from India, bibimbap form Korea, yakisoba from Japan, Pad Thai from Thailand and estrogonofe de bife Brasil.  I am always looking for a new thing to try.  Lately I have been into making my own cheese and bread!

Let me know what types of recipes and tips you would like to see by sending me a message here!  Come and join me on my journey by following me by entering your email address and clicking join in the right side bar –>, on Instagram, on Pinterest and Facebook.