Crusty Italian Bread

Sometimes you just want bread.  This is the prefect loaf for that time.  This bread is easy to make and delicious.  Just give it some time and treat it right!  Eat it by itself, cover it with butter, dip it in oil, spread on some goat cheese, make a sandwich or dip it in tomato … Continue reading Crusty Italian Bread


How do you measure wet vs. dry ingredients? (Volume Method)

A dear friend recently left a question in the comments. Here it is: Is there a difference between measuring tools for dry and wet ingredients ? Are they all the same ?A-K This is a great question and something I have thought of myself.  If one cup is one cup why do I need something … Continue reading How do you measure wet vs. dry ingredients? (Volume Method)

Making Brazilian Bread: Pão Sovado

After writing so much about baking I really wanted to make something new.  So over a recent weekend I had a BAKING BONANZA!!!  I baked two types of bread which totaled 5 loaves and I baked a SUPER chocolatey cookie.  One of the breads I made is the Brazilian bread I will be telling you … Continue reading Making Brazilian Bread: Pão Sovado

Baking 101: Substitutions & Conversions

Let's face it at some point you are going to be baking and realize, "OH NO I DON'T HAVE ANY XYZ!"  And of course it will be for something important like baking Christmas cookies.  Here is a quick list of the usual suspects and some conversions to make this a less painful process!  Happy Baking! … Continue reading Baking 101: Substitutions & Conversions

Baking 101: Pans & Oven Tips

Pans: Metal vs. Glass vs. Silicone Pans Metal is the standard for most baking unless otherwise stated.  It is better suited to high temperatures and shorter cooking times.  So if you need to broil or toast or brown metal is the better option.  Remember, if you are baking something like eggs or something acidic like … Continue reading Baking 101: Pans & Oven Tips