Baking 101: Pans & Oven Tips

Pans: Metal vs. Glass vs. Silicone Pans

Metal is the standard for most baking unless otherwise stated.  It is better suited to high temperatures and shorter cooking times.  So if you need to broil or toast or brown metal is the better option.  Remember, if you are baking something like eggs or something acidic like lemon or tomato, glass is a better choice as the acids in the food will react to the metal pans causing the food to discolor and posibbly  leave the food with a metallic taste… yuck.

While glass pans are good for even heating, it is not a good conductor of heat and can experience temperature fluctuations.  Also while less common it can break or crack if it experiences great shifts in temperature, so never place a glass pan directly on a burner. If you use glass you need to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees.  While it take glass long to heat up he retains the heat longer once it is heated. Also check on whatever you are cooking 10 minutes earlier as it might finish sooner as well.

When using silicone dishes make sure it is made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone.  You also might want to save the manufacturers recommendations for temperatures, time, etc. for future reference. Always wash well before first use and never use sharp or metal objects as they might damage the pan.  They can be a little soft, so it can help to plane on top of a metal baking sheet while baking in the oven.  You can also purchase a metal form or shield to make them more rigid. Reviews on these pans are still mixed, love it/hate it, grease the pan or no, good brands/ less than good brands… its a confusing world.

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Calibrate Your Oven

If you bake regularly it is a good idea to check the actual temperature of your oven regularly. Use an oven thermometer to check your ovens temperature settings once a month. It is best to set it right in the middle of the oven where you normally do the cooking.  Check the temperature once it has had time to properly preheat. I suggest the CDN ProAccurate Oven Thermometer recommend by American’s Test Kitchen. They also have a great video about testing your oven which I linked below!

Now you have the knowledge to more forward! Why not Treat Yourself To New Pans!!!

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